Nerdy Worm RETIRING - Collect all 16
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Nerdy Worm - Collect all 16 - kudu-lah
Hello, my name is Nerdy Worm:
If you are in need of another teammate to play trivial pursuit, Nerdy Worm should be your first pick. He's well versed in Science, Mathematics, History and Literature. But if you get a Sports question, he can not be held accountable for his answer. How much could a worm really know about sports after all?

3.5" x 4.5" Archival Prints on Canvas - $18

Printed with Ultrachrome K3 pigmented inks on acid-free exhibition canvas
Prints are hand-rolled with a liquid varnish for UV Protection and Waterproofing
Prints are hand stretched over solid wood blocks and ready to hang with a hold drilled in the back
Critter's name and bio on the back of each piece
Watermark will not appear on purchased print

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